How to File a Complaint

Making a Complaint or Report

Complaints or reports should be made as soon as possible after an incident. All individuals are encouraged to report discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct and retaliation so that prompt effective action can be taken.

All complaints and third-party reports of conduct in violation of this policy should be made to the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Officer/Title IX Coordinator or to a Deputy Title IX Officer identified below. All complaints against a student will be referred to Glory Robinson, Associate Dean of Campus Life.

There are several ways to submit a complaint or report:

  • Leave a private message for the Title IX Coordinator at 817-257-8228
  • File a written complaint with the Title IX Coordinator
  • Make an appointment to see the Title IX Coordinator or one of the Deputy Title IX Officers
  • Complaints against a student for conduct alleged to have been committed by a student in violation of this policy can also be made to Campus Life – Dean’s Office

The contact information for the Title IX Coordinator is:

Dr. Darron Turner
Chief Inclusion Officer and Title IX Coordinator
TCU Box 297090
Jarvis Hall 228
Fort Worth, Texas 76129

Resolution Process

Complaint Process Flow Chart

For the procedures for resolving a complaint against a student, see the Code of Student Conduct.

Make a Title IX Complaint

Make a Title IX Complaint

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